welcome to scotland :friends of Jack Ma

BrandScotland.net – what’s the most valuable question youth livelihood networks in your place or nation are asking in 2018- here’s scotland’s  : If Adam Smith were alive who’s top 5 alumni clubs who: Jack Ma, Fazle Abed & who Fans: alibabauni.com & brac.tv

essential studies 2018-2019 for world record jobs creators and youth follow

If adam smith at Glasgow University was toasting world record jobs heroes today- jack ma would likely be top of the list   –  download october 2018 top 100 woeld record job creators at normanmacrae.net-

are scottish youth being taught how to study with alumni of world record jobs creators – how (to) and why (not)? lets have a look at learning resources:



below is reference to our vote for the most exciting study of 2018-2019  – rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you have other votes

coming march 2019 the digital cooperation UN of Jack Ma, melinda gates, antonio guterres and why  not YOUth across adam smith land and diaspoara networks- the scots are the most widely distributed livelihood education entrepreneurs in the world after the chinese

whats youth previous favorite ali-resource eg gateway17.comAliBaba Bus School  https://www.mayun.xin/#/home  aliresearch.com   -rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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chris Macrae

exploring the connections between alumni of adam smith and jack ma since 2008 and between scottish and chinese engtreprenurs since 1977

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